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Rambling....and Some Brokeback Mountain

Sheesh, the last time I posted here was June '07?! Mannnnn, I can't believe I totally forgot about this place. I used to be active on here like everyday. Dunno what happened. Haha.

Christmas has come and gone, and New Year's Eve is already here. Can't believe it. I got a wickedly awesome portable 7" widescreen DVD player. I had one that was 5", but my sister broke it by accident, so I am glad my mother invested in buying me this little treasure.

And what would go better with a portable DVD player? Why, a DVD of course! So, I headed out to Blockbuster the following day and bought one of my favorite movies for $9.99 that I have been wanting since the day it came out on video: Brokeback Mountain.

Seriously, I don't know what the big fuss is about this film. Yeah, the two main characters, Jack and Ennis, are gay -- possibly bisexual -- but what's with all the damn hate? I consider the movie to be one of the best romance films ever made, comparable to that of Titanic even.

Because these cowboys have sex with each other one night in the wilderness, people have nicknamed this film "The Gay Cowboy Movie".


Grow the fuck up.

I don't look at the movie as a gay film. I look at it as another romance movie with star-crossed lovers. Why can't people look past the gay part of it and watch the movie as it truly is?

Geez. People today.

Okay. I am done with my rambling.


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