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Flame Wars

Hey satoXic! Guess what! Some dumbass last night on FAC started insulting my friend (the flammer was probably a 5-year-old, according to how immature she acted).

I can't belive someone who is 17 would act like a baby throwing a temper tantrum! Can you believe that?!?!

It was pretty darn funny. My friends and I laughed at her.

She didn't even had any art up!

What a loser....


Wanna know how our conversation went? This is pure comedy! Here it is:

[Benk, referring to Falconlobo:] All of your pictures have horrible anatomy, coloring is sloppy, and I could just go on for paragraphs and paragraphs.
I suggest you find a tutorial, and manage some better art

[Edward_Elric_1308:] Shut up.

[Edward_Elric_1308:] I got some new pictures up. ^^

And I hope you're aren't upset about what that *person* said on your profile. That made me so mad. >_<

He/she might be saying that because they might be jealous of your drawings. That happened to me before. So cheer up if you're sad. ^_~

[Benk:] Jealous?
Buddy, you live in a fantasy world

[Benk: Its not colored, but I hope that proves I'm not jealous

[Edward_Elric_1308:] Hey Falconlobo, sorry for that childish person flooding up your profile. I'll PM you.

[Edward_Elric_1308:] Please DO NOT insult my friend. Some people can color better than others. You REALLY hurt her feelings!! >:-(

[Benk:] Who is being childish here? A bad artist is one who cannot take criticism

[Benk:] See?
You are a liar, it was clear she wasn't online, and you hadn't had a pm conversation with her

[Edward_Elric_1308:] I have other ways of talking to her. *Rolls eyes*

[Edward_Elric_1308:] It's called technology. So shut up and leave us alone.

[Benk:] Interesting
Well, she clearly has self esteem problems to be worked out if she was that hurt

[Edward_Elric_1308:] Actually, no. *Laughs out loud* XD

She was upset, but not getting depressed-all-over-it upset. Jeez.

[Benk:] Why? Do you want me to lie to her? Fact is, her pictures are not good, and you are just getting mad at me for speaking my mind, get over it

[Benk:] Well maybe she should listen, I don't hand out random advice to people without checking out their art first

[Edward_Elric_1308:] You could have said it a little nicer. And, you don't seem to have any fans, while I have 40 and she has actually more than me. Go check for yourself.

[Benk:] I honestly don't give a shit if I have fans, I know who my friends are on this website and who are idiots

Its a favorite artist list, not a friend's list

[Edward_Elric_1308:] Well, just advertise yourself. In the beginning, most people didn't even look at my art until I went to the forums for self-advertising of my gallery.

[Edward_Elric_1308:] I didn't say it was. I was trying to be nice. >:-(

Those are people who like your art. They don't have to be your friends.

Plus, I've been on here for 2 years

[Benk:] What does the 2 year thing have to do with this?

[Edward_Elric_1308:] This conversation is going nowhere. Why am I even trying to talk to you? It's a waste of time. Go to the n00b threads in the forums.

[Benk:] Wow, shut the fuck up man, you have no idea what good art is.
If no one tells her what she is doing wrong, she will never improve, and the fact is that her art is gawd-awful, and a lot of these fans of hers are just lying

[Edward_Elric_1308:] See you later, friend. ~_^

It was nice talking to you. ^_^

[Benk:] I'm not your friend, asshat

[Edward_Elric_1308:] Love ya. ^_~

[Benk:] See that?!!? Its a fantasmagical reply button!

[Edward_Elric_1308:] Hugs and kisses. ^_^

<3 <3 <3 <3

[Edward_Elric_1308:] Have a nice life.

And that's where it ends....for now


May 2009

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