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The other day, I got to see my prom dress for the first time! It's black with rhinestones going down the middle of the front. It also has an open back. ^_^ Hopefully that will interest J.D. at the prom. I also got my class ring the other day. Tis' very beautiful! ^_~

I had to take the darn dreaded SAT this morning....oh gawd it was so unbearable....

It was in our school cafeteria. There were over 30+ students in there, some were from different schools (seeing as I never seen them before). We had to take our admission ticket, I.D., and number # 2 pencils.

The test had 10 sections - many 25 minutes long, some 20 minutes, and the last one was 10 minutes. There was also a 25-minute essay at the start of the test. The test had three math sections and seven reading/grammar sections. The math was really hard for me - I guessed on 98% of the questions. I hope I did okay....

I forgot to mention....that....today....my grandmother passed away....

She was in the hospital (down in Florida, some 300+ miles away) because of a really bad stroke. She turned into a vegetable. She was 96 years old.

And, yet, when my mom told me the news after she picked me up from testing today, I did not cry. I was shocked. In disbelief.

I've accepted it that she's gone. I'm okay....


The dress sounds awesome! ♥ I hope everything goes well with J. D. If it was me in that position, I would walk up to him and surprise him by kissing him. ^_^ I think you should.

I hope you did well on your SAT scores. Big tests don't bother me so much if I'm confident that I know the material. Like for my ISTEPs (Indiana State Test something or other...), you can't study for them, but you do get prep. Every year, I pass all three ISTEP subjects: Language, math, and science.

:O I'm sorry to hear about your grandma! *hugz* It sounds like you're alright with it... but I still hope you feel better. :)

May 2009

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