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Nothing much happened at school today. Except us Juniors had to go to the auditorium for some stupid assembly (which was about college information).

There was a pizza party during lunch today for certain students, and I went to it. Guess who I saw. I saw J.D.! He was sitting by himself at first, and I wanted to go sit with him and chat....but I didn't....stupid shyness!! I was so mad at myself.

And after school, when I was walking to the buses, I saw my friend, Dustin, and I started walking to the bus with him (he rides my bus), and chatting. I saw J.D. heading towards us and my first instinct was to turn my head to break eye contact. But I didn't. I dunno if he saw me or not. Because I remember in computer class last semester he loved to act comical. He started acting like a rap sings, and Dustin laughed, and J.D. went on his way and got on his bus.

I did some research a while ago, and I found a quiz to determine if a guy likes you. When I was in computer class with him last semester he did these things on the quiz: 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, and sometimes 10.

One day we had to get in groups in there to do an on-line review quiz for the exam that was several weeks away at the time. I was talking to my friend, Michelle, and I said I hate working in groups. She asked me why, and I said that people think I'm weird. J.D. joined our group, and Michelle asked him, "Do you think Jordan is weird?". He looked at me (eye-contact), and said to me, "No, I don't think you're weird." ^^

Everyday we worked in groups. Every question, he asked me and Michelle what we thought the answer was. For example, I would be sure the answer's C, but Michelle would say A. J.D. turned to me, and jokingly said, "If you get this wrong, you're gonna have to take all your clothes off and run around the classroom naked", or "If you get this wrong, then I'm going to have to kiss you". It was hawt, but I never got answers wrong. ^^

Then one time this boy was trying to push his chair through our aisle (small aisle) and I scooted very close up to the desk. J.D. did too, and he was nearly touching my shoulder. ^^

If he started talking to MIchelle, we would be wasting time, so I grabbed the mouse and started clicking answers. He caught me, and grabbed my hand away. ^^ When he was talking again I would grab the mouse and click answers I thought were right. If you got it wrong the webpage would tell you in a pop-up, and and X would be placed next to the question. When he grabbed my hand away a second time, he went and checked back. I got like 5 questions wrong, and he playfully criticised me. I said I was the smartest person in the group, and he grinned and scoffed, and said, "Yeah, right."

When he wasn't clicking answers, but talking he would use double-entendres, and pick up a ruler and hold it in a suggestive way. I remember a couple of times he was sitting too close for comfort next to me.

I found out how you can tell if a guy/girl likes you. Look at their eyes. The pupils would be dilating. ^_^ If I talk to him soon, I would check his eyes. ^^

Hopefully J.D. will....like me....

(Oh yeah, satoXic, please tell me what your new e-mail address is so I can show you pictures of what my crush looks like. He's one-year-younger than me.)


I hope the best for you, Jordan. :)

(Also, I don't have an email address just yet. If you could upload the pics and link me to them... that might work. ^^;)
I only have two pictures. The picture from last year's yearbook, and a pic in the lastest school newspaper.

I'll upload them as soon as I can. ^^
Cool, just reply back when you have them. ^~

May 2009

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