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Since Wednesday, I have been very sick. I have a sore throat, and I don't feel like, well, eating anything. All I have been eating is soup (chicken noodle and vegetable) and Coca-Cola. I have not been to the doctor, though.

What I have is probably my allergies acting up, or just simply a cold. Colds have been going around rather fast at school. At first I thought I had strep throat, but if you have that, then you would see white sploches in the back of your throat. But, I don't.

My throat area is pretty swollen, though. I'm hoping to get better by Monday, because going to school sick sucks. I've already stayed home from school Thursday and Friday, and I'm hoping I don't have that much work to make up. Especially for U.S. History. Jeez, that lady loves to give us work!!

Please hope that I get better soon.


>< Being sick sux. Hope you feel better soon. ♥

Also, you don't have to have pus on your tonsels to have strep: I once had strep so many times in one month that they decided to take them out. Common symptoms that I noticed of strep were sore throat (duh) swollen throat, coughing/spitting thick stuff up, fever, and loss of appetite. I'd check with a doctor if I was you.
Well, today, my mom is going to take me to a throat doctor. She's concerned that I might have to have them out. I hope not. 0_o'

I have a sore throat, swollen throat and tonsils, and loss of appetite.
I hope the tests are negative, but it sounds like strep. >>; Also, having your tonsels out hurts for about a week, and in the same time, you spit up blood for a week. D< It sucked.

*Sigh* I hope I'm not terrifying you too much about it. ^^; Um, so to brighten your day, I want to share a pic that I did for you for X-mas, but couldn't send because of the no net-ness.

A Very Merry Puppy-Xmas!~ ♥ I hope you like it, and also hope you feel better. ^.~

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